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How we began to provide websites, SEO, social media & digital content since 1996


Dennis is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working with customers in the Internet marketing business. Dennis has a deep knowledge of SEO, with endless nights checking and reading search engine requirements to index websites. It was all new, even before Google. Watching the changes to how search engines indexed was a hobby/passion on mine. Endless study of how all the search engines would index a website. Danny Sullivan mentioned Google and I liked it from the start. Once Yahoo used it for search results the rest is history.

TyMax has a proven strong history of providing customers and others website optimization during ever evolving search engine algorithm changes. Complete results and problem solving of Internet presence is what we do, with a passion. We have provided our customers for over 22 years with Honesty, Integrity and Hard Work, Never Forgeting Where You Come From, Ethics. Knowledgeable cost effective solutions making your complicated Websites into a strong ROI marketing toolfor our customer friends.

Pioneer on the Internet with what is now called SEO and Internet Marketing. This has provided our customers a lasting quality reputation websites. Founding weldplus.co to many other website projects. Dennis has always used White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) since 1996. Dennis has been providing people and company’s website knowledge of Internet and social media marketing. Helping customers establish an online presence or improve your entities internet marketing goals.

Award winning Photography and Videography for over 50 years. This allows us to provide complete services for our customers. Specializing in many forms of photography to enhance our customers digital media foot print. We use photographing events, products, services to market our customers. We use videography with social media as well as websites. These help market customer services and products via the Internet distal media. I do less of the photography and videography these days. I always work with professionals I have grown to trust. When needed for these projects to succeed.

After 18 years of mangament with outside sales at one company. I went to work for a new company that sold new and used equipment. Now tired of outside sales I saw the Internet medium could benefit my new company. I asked Jack the owner about selling off the website. Jack said if I built a Website for Weld Plus. He would pay me the sales commissions. So at night in my home basement I built Weld Plus' first Website on my home computer in 1996. This was my first business Website and my start into what we now call Internet Marketing. The first webpage was hosted on Choice.net/weldplus. Shortly after due to its success weldplus.com was purchased and established in 1997.

During my almost 23 years at Weld Plus I built websites for the company and at home at night for other people. A growing business and less time I later focused more on SEO and Internet marketing. This was to ensure all websites would be found in the ever growing number of websites now coming to the Internet. I was the company webmaster during the day. At night I developed a Internet marketing plans that helped the company build an international presence. I also networked with hosting companies and website designers. During this time I built websites for many other entities from comapnies, cities to nonprofits organizations. Some of these website still help the community. We host a few a service to give back to our community.

Now I help companies and friends with digital Internet marketing programs to improve their digital foot print. We also guide our dedicated partner websites designers with our customers to ensure a successful project. I help people be found on the ever growing Internet with SEO and website optimizing. Since 1996 we have met many customers who are now friends as well as active clients. Our select valued customers take up the majority of our time. If you think we can help you please email us and we will talk if we can help

Our goal is provding service to our customers who then become our friends. - Email Us

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